Monday, October 3, 2011


making pizza is so much more then just "making pizza"
my dad made endless amounts of pizza for our birthday parties! i remember competitions on who can eat the most pizza, candle lit nobel dressed up eating with forks and knife pizza parties, and so many more which makes our pizza a fun way to bring back memories!
its fun to hear my childhood friends or the friends of my siblings also remembering those oh so memorable times!

we made a simple  dough just like my dad used to make it :
olive oil
salt and sugar

 simple pizza sauce:
tomato sauce
diced tomatoes
mediterranean herbs and spices
fresh garlic
salt and sugar

 can't forget to throw on some boots for entertainment:)

 sammo was very creative getting the cheese on the pizza...we would probably still sit there ...
 then finally he got a lil bored and started dumping a whole bunch on there!

 we got to know all ingredients up close and sammo was brave and wanted to eat a fresh onion ring. after that he kept asking for water and told me it was "spicy"
 we always make a whole bunch of pizza to throw it in the freezer for those days we don't like to cook!
the topping here were
artichoke hearts
banana peppers

unfortunately not a lot of artichoke hearts stayed on the pizza and made it in the oven!

and ...don't mind the pizza sauce on the wall... making food its all about fun, isn't it?!